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Lenovo Yoga 2 Manual – Yoga remains one of the best computer designs resulting from the release of Windows 8.

With its folding, folding 360-degree body, you get the look of a slim, lightweight laptop, but with the added flexibility of using it as a tablet by simply folding the screen backwards. You can also save it, which is good for playing, or using the keyboard as a stand, so the screen is better positioned to watch movies or make video chats.

Compared to the first Yoga 13, the Yoga 2’s touchscreen resolution is greater than 1,920×1,080 pixels and has a fourth-generation Intel processor, and the latter gives it a better battery life than its predecessor. However, the size and weight and overall design are almost the same. So, if that was a detour for you the first time, it probably still will be.

In addition, at the time of this review, the price difference between the normal 13-inch Yoga 2 and the Yoga 2 Pro was around $200 ( .300). That’s not a small amount, but the extra money gives you a lot more computer, even twice as much RAM (8GB in total), a 256GB SSD, a QHD display with 3,200×1,800 resolution, and a thinner, lighter metal chassis.

If you don’t mind the screen or the highest resolution chassis, the Yoga 2 is available with 8GB of memory and 256GB, but it’s only a little less than the Pro. In addition, Yoga has picked up a good competition since the launch of the first, so depending on your budget and needs, one of them could be a better option.

However, regardless of the direction you go, Yoga 2 is an excellent hybrid for a price of $900 or $700. (Yoga 2 is listed as coming soon on Lenovo’s australia, but not to mention how much it will cost).

The keyboard is good, but not great. There are a good amount of trips given the relatively shallow cover, but the action feels smooth and difficult for typists not to like bending towards the center. A major immediate problem for me was the shrunken shift key on the right side. It’s something you adapt to over time, but at first it’s very frustrating.

In addition, the keyboard is backlit, but has only a brightness level. And, unlike other laptops I tested, it’s on or off and you’re responsible for turning on the switch. There is no sensor to dim it if it is not needed or when the keyboard is not in use.

The touchpad is on the small side. It’s big enough to take advantage of the multi-finger gesture support, but I often found myself landing at the edges, which activates the enchantment bar or slides through other open windows.

Definitely the highlight is the full-HD IPS touch screen. The increased resolution is appreciated (the original Yoga 13 had a resolution of 1,600×900 pixels) and does not make the text too small to read on the 13.3-inch screen. The viewing angles are also excellent, quite important given the design.

Again, the benefit of the 360-degree hinge is the flexibility of positioning. Used in your store position, I was able to remove the keyboard and play some touchscreen games with my kids and leave the screen in place.

In its support mode, it again removes the keyboard and screen, which is great if you use it to watch videos or just listen to music. The speakers are also particularly good: sound without becoming tiny.

As a tablet, well, it’s not a great replacement for a standalone tablet, but it’s good to have the option. For example, depending on how reduced the bus I travel, I can use the keyboard or switch to tablet mode to continue working (or watch a movie or play a game) and I just need to bring a device.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Manual – Given its price, probably the most disappointing about the design of Yoga are the ports and connections available. There are only two USB ports; Micro-HDMI is the only option on board to connect to an external display; and an Ethernet connection will require a backpack sold separately.

In addition, your Wi-Fi is the oldest 802.11n instead of the newer and fastest 802.11ac. It may not be of great importance to have 802.11ac now, but for a $900 laptop it would be nice to have some future testing.

Joining the USB 3.0 and Micro-HDMI ports on the right side are the power button, a volume control and the screen rotation lock, making it easy to use in tablet mode.

Configuration options are limited to increasing the amount of memory and switching from a hybrid drive from 500 GB to 5400 rpm with a 16 GB SSD to a 256 GB SSD only. We tested the basic configuration with a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 4200U, Intel HD Graphics 4400, 4GB of memory, and 500GB SSHD.

It is not a gaming system or a high-performance workstation, but for general use it is excellent. I had no problems editing images or cutting some HD video clips and did not experience any problems playing some undemanding informal games with the touch screen.

Lenovo says you can get up to eight hours of battery life with the Yoga 2 13 and we get closer to that getting 7 hours and 15 minutes on our video playback battery reduction test. With some power management, you can reach 8 hours of basic wireless network usage. Normal use will likely leave you between 6 and 7 hours of continuous use.

The Lenovo Yoga 2 13, while not as good as the Pro version, is still an excellent hybrid laptop. Some may still find it a little clumsy to use as a tablet regularly, and it is. But the flexibility to use it in that position, as well as all the others, without sacrificing the feeling of a regular shell, is excellent.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Manual PDF

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