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Lenovo Y700 Manual – The Y700 looks ready for battle. It has all the features of a modern gaming laptop: angular exhaust ports reminiscent of a poaching, jet black aluminum casing with red reflections and aggressive contouring. Designed with comfort in mind, the chiclet-style backlit keyboard and wrist rests are covered in a hard rubber that is soft and not cold when you put your hands on it to start typing.

Above the keyboard are elegant red and black honeycomb-shaped details to go again with the hunting/supercar look. Modern gaming laptops adhere to most. The frame around the screen is substantial, but it probably has to do with the fact that it’s a touchscreen. At least the black frame is transparent with the rest of the screen, so it doesn’t look thick or out of place, but the gap between the actual screen and the edge is considerable.

While the overall design is attractive and feels sturdy, I found it strangely balanced. As I used the machine on my lap, I felt like I was always a single shift away from making the laptop fall backwards.

The center of gravity of the laptop falls near the hinge, which I never noticed when I use the laptop on a desk or table, but causes more than a few fears when I hold the Y700 on my lap. It is a dangerous equilibrium point for a machine with touch functionality, because touching the screen tilts the machine even more.

The anti-glare touch screen looks good and holds well in most lighting scenarios. Even in direct sunlight, the screen can still be seen, but barely. I never found myself taking advantage of the touch capabilities, and it seems more like a trick than a necessary function.

The keys have just the right amount of travel to feel satisfying and sturdy. It feels like it’s up to some use. The trackpad also feels good and has multi-touch functionality to activate Windows 10 gesture commands.

What I found most disappointing were the trackpad buttons, which must be really combined to record a click. Double clicks need an energetic and deliberate finger movement. It’s almost like Lenovo wants him to give up and use the touchscreen or touch the keyboard.

The Y700’s power cord has a USB cable-like shape. The plug remains secure, but is also located right next to one of the USB ports on the left side of the laptop. You can probably find out where I’m going with this.

Almost every time I was going to plug the computer into AC power, I spent several seconds wondering why it wasn’t easy to connect to the port. After a brief moment of panic, I realized that I had been trying to connect the AC power to the directly adjacent and identical-sized USB port.

Lenovo Y700 Manual – There is plenty of storage on the Y700 through its 1TB 5400 RPM hard drive. It also has a 128GB SSD to load games quickly, but unfortunately it is too anemic to be very useful. The operating system takes up most of the precious gigabytes, leaving little room for games to also live on the same drive and reap the performance-enhancing benefits.

To make matters worse, the 5400 RPM hard drive slows down charging times, which also suffers from the HP Pavilion gaming laptop. With modern games that take up so much space, there’s no choice but to install them on the slower hard drive. Personally, I’d rather have a larger solid-state drive than a touchscreen.

The long load times of the slow HDD are very bad, as when it comes to gaming performance, the Y700 is above its peers. The games look good and perform well, especially for a higher-than-normal price tag. In terms of overall performance, the i7, 960M combination and 16GB RAM help put it above your peers.

From performance to appearance, it’s hard to beat the Lenovo Ideapad Y700. It’s cheap without feeling cheap, and runs modern games in decent environments. The screen is bright and doesn’t capture reflections, which helps both games and movies to look their best. Where it really shines is the battery life, which makes it a reasonably portable gaming machine for those on the move.

While still surpassing the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop and Dell Inspiron 15 7000 simply because it even has an SSD, 128GB doesn’t have enough room for gaming to benefit from the faster charging times offered by flash storage. A terabyte of storage is excellent, but running huge games on a slower 5400 RPM hard drive makes it a really long load time.

From a strict performance standpoint, the Lenovo Ideapad Y700 rises above the pavilion and the Inspiron. Its design unequivocally marks it as a gaming laptop, with enough abruptness and angularity to let everyone know that their computer is primarily a media business.

Lenovo Y700 Manual PDF Download

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