Lenovo Legion C730 Drivers

Lenovo Legion C730 Drivers for Windows 10 (Mini Gaming Cube)


Lenovo Legion C730 Drivers – The force in the Legion C series of Lenovo desktop games comes from the design. With a volume of 19 liters and less than 20 lbs, the C730 is ready to fit into confined spaces. It fits perfectly on our shelf without the need to first remove our personal desktop.

And, a large handle built into the top of the case makes it incredibly portable. Moving the C730 while we inspect it for this review is very easy.

Of course, with a desktop, personalization and upgradability are on the table, and small form factors can challenge these facets.

Entering the C730 is easy after loosening two thumbscrews and easily removing the two side panels. Once inside, however, we see some easy upgrade routes and some not so easy.

Although the top view labeled the C730 almost makes it look like there are new plug-and-play slots of new units, the interior is a different story. The upper part shows the slots for an SSD, two HDD and one PSU, but inside are split compartments.

One side houses the power supply and two 3.5-inch drive bays. The other houses the processor, the graphics card and everything else (with the motherboard effectively dividing the two sides of the box.

The cage for 3.5 inch units can be tilted outward for easy installation, and the power cord is ready for that upgrade. However, a SATA cable can be difficult to connect between the two compartments.

On the other hand, things are a little tight. There is an empty DIMM slot ready for a quick RAM upgrade. But, with many cables grouped in one place, maneuvers can be difficult. The perfect fit of the graphics card to the frame can also make it difficult to get out or insert.

And, since Lenovo has worked to separate the cooling regions, the change of the graphics card (currently full-style, blower) could negatively affect the system’s thermal performance. The cooling system may only include two 80 mm fans, but they do more work than you would expect, but later you will see more.

Leaving aside those concerns, there are many positive aspects to design.

The IO is wide, with a lot on the back and two 3.1 USB ports on the front, although they are a little hidden in the bottom of the chassis.

Lenovo Legion C730 Drivers – Aesthetics are also striking. The box is made of metal with a dotted grille on the front. At the top, a transparent acrylic panel is displayed through the graphics card and features two-zone RGB lighting. The C730 Legion definitely earns points for those who value appearance.

With your specs, you should be surprised that the Lenovo Legion C730 has an impressive performance most of the time. The Core i7-8700K overclocked is incredibly fast, and is shown when we open applications.

Web browsing is receptive, and 16GB of fast memory gives us plenty of space to open tabs in abundance. However, everything could have been much faster if the solid state storage was not so tight.

With only one 128GB SSD, there is little space for Windows, much less for a selection of applications. And, since this is a gaming computer, it is disappointing to know that almost no game will be stored in solid state without buying an additional disk. That said, the 1TB unit included turns at 7.200 RPM, which helps with the access times for the games if it finally stores them on the hard drive.

While playing from the hard drive, we do not feel that we are waiting too long to load screens.

Lenovo Legion C730 Drivers – For such a tight construction, and with only a small intake fan on the front and a small exhaust fan on the back, the thermals seem to be well handled. We don’t notice any slowdowns. When performing a 15-minute CPU stress test, there were no signs of thermal regulation.

However, performance reaches its most noticeable sour patch when it comes to graphics. The Core i7-8700K Unlocked and the GTX 1060 feel like a mismatch. Of course, both have been replaced by the new generations of hardware, but the two are still at different levels.

While the i7-8700K is a high-end processor that can carry almost anything the game can offer, the GTX 1060 is more of a mid-range champion, even if it is a 6GB model.

The Lenovo Legion C730 is a small PC warrior. CPU-based performance is powerful, while GPU performance will be better suited to 1080p titles and esports when high frame rates count. Unfortunately, the model we review does not have a low enough price to meet this reality.

Having said all this, the strange balance of hardware feels particular to this specific construction. For a more reasonable mid-to-high build, we feel that this custom compilation of iBuypower or the special edition of the Dell XPS Tower makes much more sense.

Lenovo also offers a top specification C730 of $1879 (around £1.430, AU $2.620) that makes much more sense. Upgrades to this model include a Core i7-9700K, 256GB SSD and a more sensitive RTX 2070 graphics card. If you cannot find the C730 configuration that we have reviewed at your discount rate, it makes more sense to choose the updated model.

The compact size of Legion Legion C730 is its defining feature and there is little competition to match it in the small construction category, just be sure to buy the correct configuration you need.

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