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Lenovo Legion C530 Drivers for Windows 10 (Mini Gaming PC)


Lenovo Legion C530 Drivers – Most gaming PCS are housed in classic tower-shaped boxes that take up too much of your desk. Lenovo took a different position with the C530 Cube Legion, although the chassis is not technically a cube at all.

Instead, it is oblong, it measures almost square (9.5 by 9.1 inches) on the face but has 13.1 inches deep. The company equipped the system with a handle at the top for easy transport, a quick-access latch on the back to enable component exchanges, and a tempered glass lid that provides a clear view of the graphics card , with an ambient red light beam all around the card.

The result is peculiar and unique. In your favor, the stylized front panel offers a distinct appearance without falling into the stereotypes of the players, although the red glow on the top negates some of that. However, in practice, the design of the Legion C530 Cube is perfect for players who move their systems periodically for LAN, cleaning or simple shuffled in the house. In fact, this load capacity could have become a great PC for VR, but the GTX 1050 Ti video card is only marginal for the requirements of the Oculus and HTC screen mounted on the head. You can pay more to get the C530 Cube in versions with the Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon RX cards slightly better.

As for the other ports, as you can see, on the back you have six USB ports (two USB 2.0, two USB 3.0 and two USB 3.1 Gen 2, all of them type-A) and a single earphone jack (there are no mic, line-in or surround-sound jacks here. L A front side has two more 3.0 USB ports and separate headphone and mic jacks below the edge I mentioned. The GeForce GTX 1050 Ti card that Lenovo uses here is a single slot machine with only three video outputs: one from DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. (Models harvested from the C530 Cube come with a Radeon RX 570 card or a GeForce GTX 1060 with 3GB memory. It’s not a monster either, but the GTX 1060 should be a bit better to play at 1080p and it’s a more secure VR option.)

Lenovo includes a mouse and keyboard in the box with the Legion C530 Cube. These will not impress the most demanding and demanding players: the keyboard has no mechanical switches, and none of the elements have RGB lighting, or anything that looks like a premium feature, but work well if needed.

Between the two, I’m more impressed by the mouse. It’s surprisingly comfortable, the buttons have a satisfactory click texture, and the scroll wheel doesn’t feel as weak as some. The only real drawback is how basic it is: no DPI switch or side buttons.

Lenovo Legion C530 Drivers – The keyboard is more controversial. It doesn’t feel like a shallow laptop keyboard, but it’s not very far away, and many people, especially the players, have firm opinions on their keyboards. This will not generate much fervor, with its full numeric keypad, harmless switches and function keys that only have a little control. Will that satisfy everyone? Not a peep. But it’s okay for everyday use until I can do it better.

In total, the included peripherals will be sufficient for people who tend to be conformed to what comes in the box with their desktop computers. As soon as I changed my usual keyboard shortcuts (I’m used to having side buttons on my mouse), I stopped feeling that any of the peripherals got in my game. However, those who are accustomed to better equip will exchange them, and anyone with strong opinions about their peripherals already has something to connect without having to unpack the included offers.

Lenovo offers you some GPU to choose from, starting with the budget of NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti and continuing with the mid range options AMD Radeon RX 570 and NVIDIA GTX 1060. You can get a GTX 1060 model for less money here than with the C730, but it comes with a standard CPU no K Intel i7-8700, less RAM and a smaller SSD that accompanies the main HDD. There is also the budget B360 motherboard that can interfere with RAID enthusiasts and those overclocking on your hardware.

The baseline model I have with the GTX 1050 Ti, the Intel Core i5-8400 CPU and 8GB of RAM puts the average benchmarks, coming right where it should be. Those looking for a comfortable 1080p gaming experience with the most popular sports titles can get it here, but do not expect to approach the maximum of video settings for the most modern games. For example, even with all configurations in low, Battlefield V was relatively awkward during action sequences and was often submerged under an acceptable framerate.

The C530 Cube, as tested, comes with an Intel 8th Gen i5 8400 with an initial speed of 2.80 GHZ. It can be turbo driven up to 4.60 GHz, but I could reach the 3.8 GHz and there were no real problems, but there were some slowdowns, which I will explain a bit.

It also includes an 8 GB RAM, which is enough depending on what you’re doing. While testing the rest of the platform, I decided to play with Destiny 2, Fortnite and Overwatch. While playing Destiny 2, he was seated at about 87-94 fps and the game worked well during the shootings at PVE or walking or using the sparrow to reach his destination faster. All of these settings were set to high and the screen resolution was 1080p. I also tried Fortnite in the default setting, which was high and the FPS were kept in 60. No doubt this will be able to handle some cool games.

If you plan to use the unit for normal daily activity, such as surfing the web, working on documents or responding to emails, this does the job. Now, if you’re thinking of using this for video editing, you might want to add another RAM because there was a bit of stuttering when playing some clips. When using Vegas Pro 15 for video editing, the RAM was at 5.2/7.9 GB, but when you render your full video, it jumps to 7.1/7.9 GB, which caused some more delays.

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