Lenovo IdeaPad 530S Drivers

Lenovo IdeaPad 530S Drivers for Windows 10

Lenovo IdeaPad 530S Drivers – You’ll find all the usual connectivity options for a 15.6-inch laptop along the edges of this IdeaPad. You have two 3.0 USB ports, a 3.1 USB type-C port, an HDMI port, a four-format Flash card reader, and a dual-mode audio jack. It also offers Bluetooth 4.1 compatibility and supports 802.11 AC Wi-Fi connections.

Look at the left side of the laptop and you will see a led battery indicator. The power adaptor also plugs into this edge. It is capable of bringing the IdeaPad 530S to two hours of battery life after 15 minutes of charging, provided the laptop is turned off and you are using the supplied 65-Watt charger.

These ports are housed in an aluminum housing large enough to accommodate them. The IdeaPad 530S has a thickness of 0.65 inch, a depth of 9.6 inches and a width of 14.1 inches. The diagonal edges give it an even smaller feel by hand.

Lenovo IdeaPad 530S Drivers – Lenovo also surrounds the 15.6-inch 1080p screen with narrow glasses (0.23 inch wide) on the left and right sides, the upper bezel being slightly more spacious than the 720p camera. Combine this with a weight of only 3.7 pounds, and even I, an ardent defender of 13-inch laptops as an ideal mobility, I’m impressed with the compact size of the IdeaPad 530S.

I am less delighted with the display. It’s not bad-it has succeeded in thwarting my attempts to make the screen glare a problem and its viewing angles are wide. Just like Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in dumb and dumber, it’s not particularly brilliant. Any brightness below the maximum brightness was hard to see in the poorly lit rooms and even in the highest settings the display was still much darker than any other screen in my home. This has indirectly made sure that all colors seem muted, which is a bit disappointing if you want to use this big-OL ‘ screen to catch up on some videos.

Lenovo places the use of Harman speakers at the center of its IdeaPad 530S marketing, the assertion being that it can become stronger than its competitors without sacrificing clarity. The sounds do not become minimal when the volume is increased — and the IdeaPad 530S is amply noisy — but nothing beyond that could be just the placebo effect. It suffers from the same problem as other laptops whose loudspeakers are ventilated from the bottom of the enclosure, namely that the audio is smoked on soft surfaces. Even Harman’s speakers don’t seem to be able to defeat the denim factor.

Another useful but not extraordinary aspect of the IdeaPad 530S is its touchpad. I do not have the same level of beef with the one I had with the giant of Avita Clarus, which looks promising, but I sometimes click by accident, and the choice of text is a constant lesson of frustration. Anyway, I can spend the day with minimal problems, and that’s enough for me. Don’t expect to just use the touchpad to avoid any problems, it should be useful to you.

Lenovo IdeaPad 530S Drivers – The overall sensation of performance is, if not remarkable, bright enough. The machine wakes up fast and I don’t notice any problems when I open several very loaded browser tabs in the media at the same time. I also found that I could work comfortably while passing through different programs that I had opened. The only real complaint is the fan: it seems to rotate quite often, and even if it’s not as strong as those I’ve heard on other laptops (especially gaming-oriented machines), I really notice the groan if I’m not. play music or a movie sound through the speakers. The groan doesn’t seem to be related to what I do. The fan seems to be just intervening at frequent intervals.

Most of these machines use the same processor as the 530S (this core i5 is a staple of consumer and economical machines) and therefore do not show a great dispersion of performance in the graphs below. The IdeaPad 530S scored 3378 points for this PCMark 8 test. The ThinkPad L580 was the most efficient, with a margin of error just behind. (The higher the better.) The other machines are a bit lower, with all the Clarus except the Y-series handy and the IdeaPad 530S.

A potential light point for the IdeaPad 530S is its battery. It lasted 10 hours and 34 minutes (10:34) during the video playback degradation test of PC labs, in which the laptop is tasked to play a continuous video file of the Lord of the Rings trilogy with a brightness set at 50 percent and all Wireless tapes disabled. It was outdone, of little, in this group by the execution time of 10:48 ThinkPad L580. Both are much longer than the results of spin 3, VivoBook and Clarus.

Of course, the brightness of the screen is probably an important factor. It is hard not to think that the IdeaPad 530S had an unfair advantage due to the blackness of its display. all other things being equal, pushing more lumens means eating more energy. Of course, you can watch a movie for 10 and a half hours, but you want to?

To date, the IdeaPad 530S was a model at 699 USD, with the ability to pay 749 USD for a version with a core I7 U-series processor on the rise. This is less than the ThinkPad L580, offered by Lenovo from 915 USD, but more than the spin 3. If you are looking for a reliable laptop with a neat and economical look, this IdeaPad accumulator the input has a lot of appeal. Just make sure to take a look at the screen a little dark before you buy it to see if it’s a non-right for your eyes.

Lenovo IdeaPad 530S Drivers Download

Download from Official Site : 530s-14arr Download DriverPack (Recommended)
Download from Official Site : 530s-14ikb  Download DriverPack (Recommended)
Download from Official Site : 530s-15ikb  Download DriverPack (Recommended)

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