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Lenovo Ideapad 100s Manual – This device doesn’t really feel like an inexpensive laptop. It is very light and only 0.7 in. Thick, but don’t feel weak. Instead, it is presented as a well-built product, although its entire exterior is made of plastic. That said, it doesn’t feel like it survives the real punishment either. For example, it will be well mounted in a backpack, as long as it is not stored there with 50 pounds of textbooks.

Lenovo offers the Ideapad 100S in blue, red, grey and white. The finish of our red review unit is matte, so it does not show fingerprints, which helps it look like a quality device. The color is bright without being too squeaky.

The hinges are firm enough to keep the screen firm, and support 180 degrees of rotation, so the Ideapad 100S can be placed flat. However, this is not a convertible, so the keyboard cannot be bent behind the screen.

The power button is just above and just to the left of the keyboard, and is almost the only outer part of this laptop that is made of metal. Next to it are LEDs that indicate power and charging.

There are a couple of USB ports on the right side. These are USB 2.0, so they reach a maximum of 60 MB/s. In contrast, devices with USB 3.0 ports have a maximum data transfer rate of approximately 5 GB/s. The USB ports on the Ideapad 100S are fast enough for everyday use, as long as they don’t involve moving large video files.

On the left side there is a microSD memory card slot, which is most likely very useful, as this laptop comes with only 32GB of built-in storage. We tested this device with a 64GB card without problems.

Lenovo Ideapad 100s Manual – Also on the left edge is an HDMI video output port, which allows this device to be used with an external monitor. In our tests, this role performed as expected. The headphone port and power port are on this same edge. Instead of the new USB Type-C, the Ideapad 100S uses a traditional barrel plug for power.

This laptop has a screen of 11.6 inches with a resolution of 1366 x 768, resulting in a low pixel density of 135 pixels per inch. The text doesn’t obviously appear pixelated, but it’s also not the kind of crystal clarity offered by high-resolution displays. Visualizations of this size are barely suitable for running two applications side by side, such as the Edge web browser and Microsoft Word.

Lenovo had to trim some corners to keep the cost of this device below $200, and the colors of this screen are blurry, not vivid. Raising the backlight to the end helps a little, but that’s hard for the battery. On the other hand, a matte finish means that it is not very reflective, a good touch. As with most inexpensive laptops that use low-cost TN display panels, optimal viewing angles are very narrow; you don’t want to watch Netflix on this laptop unless the screen is directly in front of you.

There are a couple of speakers under the screen. These are Dolby Advanced Audio certified and offer decent, if not exceptional, performance. They are up to the task of providing audio for video playback on this device, or to play music while typing.

Lenovo Ideapad 100s Manual – The Keyboard on the Ideapad 100S is 10 inches wide (desktop keyboards are approximately 11.25 inches), but it’s big enough for you to type comfortably. There is a good key separation and a proper journey. It has a standard QWERTY design with six rows of keys, including a top row with function keys that can also be used to control audio volume, adjust the brightness of the screen backlight and more

This keyboard is not particularly quiet, but it feels a little better than it would mean a $200 price.

At 3.25 x 1.7 inches, the trackpad is big enough to be useful, and is quite responsive. The same goes for the two dedicated control buttons that are attached below it.

The Lenovo Ideapad 100S is built around an Intel Atom Z3735F quad-core processor at 1.33 GHz, with 2 GB of RAM. That’s a configuration for light duty and not too demanding. Still, what do you expect for $199.99?

In our tests, we find that this laptop adapts to the basic tasks that we ask of you, such as opening several browser windows, playing video from a microSD card and processing texts. It would slow down the handling of very complicated websites with HD video streaming, but it did the job.

This laptop uses a 32GB eMMC as its main storage, which is essentially the same as an SD card, except that it is not removable. This means that there is no rotating hard drive, which is good, but it also means that there is not much storage available. Outside the box, the operating system takes up about 15 GB of this space. This means that you will almost certainly need to add capacity through a microSD card or the OneDrive cloud service.


The Ideapad 100S comes with Windows 10 Home. Those who have not yet tried this version, will find that it is easier to use on a laptop than Windows 8. It’s a good reminiscent of Windows 7, but it has some new and interesting features, like very fast boot times: about 35 seconds, in our tests

This laptop comes with a free 1-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Personal. In addition to giving access to the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more, a terabyte of OneDrive storage is also included. Considering the little built-in storage offered by this computer, this is likely to be very useful. After one year, an annual subscription is $69.99.


The 0.3 megapixel front webcam can be used for video chatting, but has a resolution of only 640 x 480. Even phones offer more than that.

Battery life

According to Lenovo, the Ideapad 100S will last 8 hours on a single charge. In our real-world use of this device, we find that this is a realistic statement. This laptop doesn’t have great performance, but it’s easy with its battery. As for the results of the Powermark synthetic test bench, our tests show that the battery inside the Ideapad 100s runs out extremely fast if you’re emphasizing the system with more demanding tasks like video playback and playing modern games. This is the kind of battery life we expect from low-priced laptops that are designed to be “secondary use” or “travel” laptops instead of serving as their primary PC.

Lenovo Ideapad 100s Manual PDF

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