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Lenovo G50 Manual  – The Lenovo G50 Series is designed to handle all the tasks a user can face on a daily basis. The series models start at less than 300 euros ($330), although at this price they are equipped with AMD hardware. Our 15.6-inch review laptop is more exclusive and comes with Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and a 1TB SSHD. At the time of writing, this setting sells for 615 euros ($675). A model with half storage and RAM sells for 15 euros ($16.50) less. On its website, Lenovo refers to other versions with Intel Core i7 CPUs and BluRay optical drive, but these models were not available for purchase in the online store at the time of our verification. The competition in the field of entry-level laptops like this is quite extensive, so we’ll compare the review candidate with other laptops like the Medion Akoya E6418.

The chassis is made entirely of plastic. With the exception of the lid, all surfaces have a matte finish. The smooth, shiny lid on the screen shines slightly and is very susceptible to fingerprints. Another drawback: the back of the screen gives way quite easily to the pressure.

A more detailed examination reveals many sharp edges and corners, but the build quality is overall solid. However, we do not believe that the chassis survives the falls.

The two hinges on the screen do not appear to be strong enough. They move effortlessly, but unfortunately can’t stop the screen from bouncing.

Weighing 2.3 kg and a height of 2.5 cm, the laptop is not a thin and lightweight high-end, but sliding the G50 into a bag is not a problem.

In addition to a large maintenance hatch, the battery has a fairly simple extraction mechanism. The maintenance cover also features a simple screw mechanism.

Visually, the keyboard looks familiar, as Lenovo uses the same design for other laptops (e.g. the IdealPad G50-70). The size of the keys is ideal and the surface slightly rough to the touch. Because the key travel is quite short and the feedback on the soft side, the faster entries in particular feel a little fluffy. However, for the occasional processing of texts and similar tasks, the keyboard is definitely sufficient. There’s one drawback: the keyboard gives way to the center.

The touchpad is suitable in size of 10.1 x 5.4 cm and translates inputs seamlessly. Multi-touch gestures are well recognized most of the time. A problem area is corners, since the movements of the fingers are not always interpreted correctly. The mouse buttons feature smooth feedback and long travel.

Lenovo G50 Manual  – Unfortunately, the matte display panel is based on low-cost TN technology with limited viewing angle stability and 1366 x 768 pixel HD resolution. Colors and brightness suffer when the user moves the head. The brightness could also be higher: we measure an average of 224.8 cd/m2. Lenovo does not offer an alternate panel. The contrast of 466:1 and a black value of 0.47 cd/m2 are not good enough to show solid blacks. The Medion Akoya E6418 features an average brightness of Aldi/ Medion Akoya E6418 Notebook230 cd/m2 Test, which is not much better, but uses a high-end Full-HD Full-HD IPS panel. Combined with a black value of 0.25 cd/m2 and a corresponding contrast ratio of 948:1, the competitive laptop is an interesting alternative.


As for hardware, Lenovo has the basics covered for multimedia and office applications. The Intel i5 processor supports 8GB DDR3 RAM running in dual-channel mode. The data finds your home in the 1 TB SSHD. As mentioned above, not all (allegedly available) versions of the notebook can be purchased from Lenovo’s online store.


The Broadwell-generation Intel Core i5-5257U is designed for lower power consumption with a 28-watt TDP according to Intel’s specification sheet. Even quite demanding programs and multitasking shouldn’t pose a problem. The two cores run at 2.7 GHz, but can be overclocked up to 3.1 GHz via the Turbo. We use the Cinebench R15 test bench to verify CPU efficiency and under load performance. During the test, the CPU cannot operate at the maximum induced by Turbo. After a few seconds, the clock speed drops to 2.7 GHz and the CPU stabilizes to 2.8 GHz after a while.

Lenovo G50 Manual PDF Download

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