IdeaCentre AIO 730S-24IKB Drivers

IdeaCentre AIO 730S-24IKB Drivers for Windows 10


IdeaCentre AIO 730S-24IKB Drivers – With Intel® processing, this ultra-thin all-in-one PC can handle almost any task. Maximize your entertainment with a 23.8-inch screen with almost no edges and powerful Optane memory. Best of all, the stylish Ideacentre AIO 730s will look great on your desk without cluttering it.

Ideacentre’s all-in-one (AIO) 730s offers the option of advanced in-cell touch (AIT) technology, which provides full high-definition resolution on an ultra-thin, almost edge-free display. Stream movies, chat with friends, browse your favorite sites: you’ll see all the details on the 23.8-inch dynamic touchscreen.

Balanced on an elegant and sturdy support and finished in iron grey, the Ideacentre AIO 730 creates a perfect accent that fits anywhere in your home workspace. With its surprisingly slim screen measuring only 7 mm, it leaves a lot of room on your desk or countertop.

Open the box to everything you need! With a single cord, the configuration could not be simpler: just plug it in and your PC is ready. No Chichi, no muss and reduce the congestion of the cable. The Ideacentre 730s all-in-one even includes a network card, a keyboard and a wireless mouse for all the tools you need in a single package.

Ideacentre AIO 730s offers an 8th generation Intel® Core™ premium processing, with up to six processor cores for intelligent, ultra-fast responsiveness. Combined with up to 16gb DDR4 memory and Intel® Optane™, you can perform multiple tasks at once with ease and load programs instantly. Select a SATA hard drive up to 2Tb, and you’ll have enough space to create your collection of photos, movies, and files.

Enjoy the amazing details provided by the IPS screen, allowing you to see the screen at any angle while enjoying a vivid and vibrant high-definition experience. Whether you’re using it as a professional computer, browsing the Web, or just making videos and graphics, Ideacentre AIO 730 responds extremely quickly to virtually everything you do.

Featuring a USB-C connection for faster speeds, the ultra-loaded Ideacentre AIO 730s transfers data up to 5 GBS per second. With the HDMI-in feature, you can also reuse this PC as an external monitor.

Ideacentre AIO 730s comes with Windows 10 home and Cortana, your own voice-activated personal digital assistant. Cortana can answer your questions, open apps, set reminders, search for files, and even read appointments in your calendar. Also, because this PC is equipped with long-range microphones, you can talk to Cortana on the other side of the room.

With the infrared camera, you can connect to your computer with a smile. Your face is the key, thanks to Windows Hello. For protection if you need to stay away for a while, your PC will automatically detect your absence and lock.

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